With a Twist

March 14, 2008

I went to see “Vantage Point” with Hallie last night, and I went in with low expectations.  Even after the consessions guy, K.C., suggested we sneak into “Boleyn Girl” instead (and let Hallie try the pretzel bites for free – what movie theater does that?!) my expectations only sank more.

In the theater, some guys got in a shouting match during the film about “shutting the fuck up” and I got really excited because I thought maybe we’d get to see a fist fight in the theater, and to put it into perspective, I wanted to watch the fist fight more than the movie.

“Vantage Point” was far more dissapointing then I expected. A over-the-top 9 minute car chase, a completely unrealistic plot, superflouous characters, horrible script, and a lame twist I could see coming from the beginning, I couldn’t believe that someone actually agreed to produce it.

In the end, I was glad I used a coupon to get into the movie for free, but wished I could have the hour and thirty minutes of my life back.


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