The DAIELIs… I mean Dailies.

April 18, 2008

Natalie’s Regular Online Reads

1. wearemjr blog – my boys Mattaboo, Jules, Mumu, Robbykins, and Sean (sorry Sean, no nickname yet because we haven’t met in person yet.) They also have their regular site wearemjr. i love those boys and they work hard for good stuff.

2. Gawker. I loves the Gawker. It makes me feel like I’m one step closer to my New York life. Sometimes they have stuff I really don’t care about (see #4) but sometimes they have really hilarious stuff.

3. Perez Hilton. Bitch please. You know I have to read it. I’m getting annoyed though because all he’s been writing about lately is that girl at Yale that is talking about doing her art installation on miscarriages she had. EW gross. But I seriously can’t read about it that much.

4. Emily Brill’s blog “Confessions of a 5th Avenue Misfit” is a sometimes-read. Quite honestly I’m not sure who she is, but Gawker keeps giving her shit for being born into a wealthy New York family. I wasn’t raised in the East, so I’m not familiar with “everyone” in New York, but I hope to learn them all soon 😉

5. Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger. Brilliant shit that makes you die every 24 hours. I just love baby animals and animals with bukkits and lols. Sorry.

6. Videostatic. Gots to keep myself updated on my industry 😉 T-minus 40 days till I’m back in the game.

7. Sensible Erection. It’s a community blog that’s absolutely amazing. The things people post can either be absolutely funny, rediculous, disgusting, or just straight up Porn. I mean, you can skip the porn (I most certainly do) but the other stuff is great. I’ve posted a few times.

8. The Sartoralist. Amazing clothes. Makes me wish I had more money so I could just spend it on fabulous clothes and have him take pictures of me. I’m secretly hoping to get photographed… bwahah. I’d have to look consistently fabulous though, and I get whiney about heels.


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