I pledge allegiance to the flag…

April 24, 2008

Today I received my first official absentee ballot from the state of Oregon. (Now you know where I’m from!) I am really excited because this is the first election I get to vote in because I was too young for the last one (Now you know approx. how old I am! Gah…)

I suddenly feel like I can have something to do with what is going to happen to the country. I felt so helpless last time, but tried to at least make my opinion known by having an “Ogres for Kerry” pin on my backpack. (It had a picture of Shrek on it, hence “Ogres”. I thought it was funny. I also thought I was ugly. Again, “Ogres”.) But after Kerry lost (and we actually became neighbors, no seriously. I trick-or-treated there Freshman year and Theresa Heinz-Kerry gave me a 100 Grand bar. It was especially delicious. Hah.) I guess I kind of just lost hope in the government for a few years. I decided to ignore what was going on (ignorance was bliss) because there was really nothing I could do about it at that point: Bush was hellbent on rubbing salt into the infected papercut he created, and I felt my safest stance was to watch from the sidelines and mumble about what an idiot he is like a majority of America.

However, I really feel like this year will be different. For starters, I think it’s the first year where Oregon’s primary votes actually will count. I’m excited for resh candidates, fresh ideas, and for me, a fresh voter, ready to give my two cents to an election I really care about. I will admit I am a liberal/democrat by upbringing, but I will admit that I agree with some of the things McCain says (def not all of it. For the love of God, some of the things he stands for I wholeheartedly disagree with.) The same things can be said for Obama and Clinton I guess (Obama really “dreams big” – almost too big at times, and Hillary, well, yeah. Similar story there.)

Although I’m not going to openly discuss who I’m voting for here like other “bloggers”, but I will say this: What a lot of my vote is based on (at this point) is who I think can bring the country together – who can rally them to action and actually have Americans make the difference, rather than have it fall on the President. I think that’s where Bush really failed, and one of the candidates (my candidate of choice) can succeed. Even though at this point, it’s split about 50-50 with the Dems, I think my candidate has more of a chance to win over the rest of the Dem voters (“dem votahs!”) rather than have them go to another candidate if they receive the nomination.

All that I ask of readers is that they consider going out to vote. Just in general. I know you see that everywhere and people on the street are practically harassing you to vote, but if you can vote, please do. Cause even though it might not be YOUR priority, you can vote for someone who can’t, like me when I was 17 right before the last election, and it will obviously make all the difference in someone, and your own, future.

/end public service announcement.

Have a nice day.


2 Responses to “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”

  1. Kimberly said

    reading you does not make me want to stick sharp objects in my eyeballs.

    i now have you bookmarked, and will keep checking in.

  2. natalielewis said

    I like you. I can tell. Thanks for the bookmark add 😉

    Do you have a blog/wordpress/livejournal/anti-Emily Brill webpage?

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