New Yawhk, New Yawhk!

June 6, 2008

So okay, I have a quick second to jot down some things/ideas/feelings/SO EMOOOOO from the city. I’ve finally arrived, settled, and practically completed a full week of work. So far my “don’t have things scheduled Friday, Saturday, or Sunday so you can get extra work” is working just the way I planned… I’m in the office today waiting to go to set later this afternoon… wahoo!

My first week was quite a whirlwind of exhaustion. I am back in my lame-o habit of “wakeup. work. eat. sleep”, which I suppose is alright for now, because that’s what I’m here to do. My roommate is a doll – although our schedules vary (we wake up around the same time some days, but he works SO late) we still catch each other sometimes on the way to the bathroom.

Working at VBS is not completely what I expected, but it’s workin for me. So far there hasn’t been a whole lot to do, but I’m hoping that I’ll learn some final cut next week and start being able to edit and upload footage and whatnot. The office is crazy – it’s like Bedford/Williamsburg Hipster central… I almost feel NOT COOL enough to be in the office. But there are some normal people too, and I dig em. Everybody seems to be really nice and laid back… occasionally some VBS personality will tromp through the office an I have some sort of “OMG ITS SO-AND-SO” and then I get really excited and realize that none of my friends really watch VBS so I get excited by myself. (The guy from “Garbage Island” was in the office last week… omg so adorable.) I’m waiting for Trace to run through the office and for me to pass out on my desk in sheer ecstasy. (I hope my coworkers read this… wah wah.)

Partizan is just what I wanted to be. Miguel and I kick it in the office and basically talk all day while doing things for Raffi and Andrew. Upon my starting date, there was no big campaign in the office or anything, but there’s still plenty to do. I love the office and the balance between people working REALLY hard and just kicking back and having a good laugh about something in common. Yesterday’s theme of the day was “Lakers v. Celtics” which I wasn’t really involved in, but the rivalry was still hilarious to witness. Going on set was kind of a last minute decision, but I’m amped to spend the afternoon working. It’s better than sitting around in my AC-free apartment watching TV… or going into the city to spend money I don’t have. I’m curious to see if the director is different from the last time I worked with him.

Weekend plans are huge: Saturday I’m going with Stef (Matt’s GF) and a coworker who just moved to the city, Sarah, to see the Sex and the City movie. Then on Sunday, I’ve got a brunch reservation at Essex with Rob, his friend Justine, Stef, Josh, and Miguel. It’s going to be quite a lovely, bubbly brunch.

So I’m back to the daily grind. More thoughts/ideas/whatever to follow. There’s just no really good time to write – I’d rather be sleeping some days…


One Response to “New Yawhk, New Yawhk!”

  1. Daniel said

    I watched the game last night at Doyle’s. It’s kind of amazing that I’ve been in Boston for the most important sports victories in decades.

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