My Lonesome Cowboy

June 9, 2008

The weekend was splendiferous. I feel terrible knowing that my readership is going down due to lack of posting, but I am going to try WAY harder to update. I mean, I just sent my mom an email that was longer than most of the posts I write, so I really have no excuse.
It’s not like I don’t have the time. Honestly, it is too hot to write. I feel as if I could write on the west coast if it was that hot, I mean, 90 degrees of DRY heat is way different than 90 degrees of HUMIDITY. It makes me want to die. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to sell my soul in exchange for air conditioning. My roommate already has done that.

I honestly can’t justify an investment like an air conditioner for an apartment I’m going to live in for 2.5 more months. If I buy one, it’s not like I can put it in storage until I move in February – seriously, it would be a storage unit with an air conditioner, maybe some of my summer clothes, and quite possibly my new best friend, Mr. Box Fan.

To distract myself from the heat, I’ve been trying to keep busy in air conditioned places. And if I’m at the apartment, I sit in front of my fan in a swimsuit (seriously.) On Saturday, I spent most of the day in front of the fan, using my dove bronzing lotion and painting my fingernails while catching up on all the MTV I’ve missed during the week (AMERICAS BEST DANCE CREW AUDITIONS, YES PLEASE!) then went out for dinner with Stef and a coworker. We got Tapas (SO GOOD) and saw Sex and the City (SO LONG). It was fun, but I wouldn’t force any non-fan to sit through over 2 hours of outfit montages and carrie-isms. I certainly enjoyed it, but I have an annual SATC marathon where I watch every episode in order. You may call me a loser, but I see it as dedication.

Yesterday was fabulous, in the most fabulous sense of the word. Brunch was fabulous. The Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum was fabulous. Rob was fabulous (hah.) and dinner with Matt and Stef and Rob was delicious – seriously go to Momofuku. the pork will change your life. fo reals.

I am just so unmotivated to do anything now. Somebody give me a new blog to read… hopefully one that updates every 45 seconds plz. k thanks.


One Response to “My Lonesome Cowboy”

  1. Alex said

    Wait how fabulous was yesterday? Haha sorry I haven’t been checking in every day, last week was hellish. I’m starting to settle back into the false sense of security I get from having free time, which is really time I should be spending doing something productive.

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