Baby BaBaby BabyBaby Baby BaBabyBaby

July 7, 2008

There’s something about the weekend that makes things okay, even if they aren’t really. I was totally stressed out over work and it carried over into the weekend so that almost every conversation I had was about work. (Sorry friends, you are really good people for tolerating it.)

I think I also noticed today, given the invitation, I will talk about myself nonstop. Practically without breathing. I think it’s a really unattractive quality and if anyone has any NICE suggestions on how to stop, I’d appreciate it.

Today was insane. And regardless of the HORRIBLE sunburn that now covers my near-perfect cleave, I had an amazing time and don’t regret a minute of standing in the sun/overcast.

The day started off with a trip to new friend Josh’s house. Josh is a really rad kid I met on the 4th of July, but for some reason, I feel as if I’ve known him for much longer… for multiple reasons. First, is that I’ve been following his music blog for almost a year (okay, so I’m not the oldest reader by far) but the music he posted last summer impacted me and kept me going through the ridiculous trauma that took place. Second, is that he reminds me of a really great friend I had in high school, and surprisingly, a so-so friend/friend with benefits that I had sophomore year of college. I’m not sure what that means about the way I see Josh, but so far, he seems like a pretty dope kid. (Matt just has really good taste in human beings, and I almost hate him for it.)

So anywho, we go to Josh’s house, drink a lil bit (note: I have only consumed a slice of banana bread and half of a waffle so far), and then we (Me, Matt, Jean, and Josh) head to McCarren Park Pool to, hypothetically, see Ronnie Spector.

To make a long story short, we rock out to all the awesome openers (list to follow someday…?) most of them being southern soul singers who are like 80 years old and sing it like they’re still in it to win it. (Check Josh’s blog periodically. He’ll post about it better than me. Swears.)

After effectively sneaking into the VIP area (which includes free ice cream and Dewars mixed drinks), we leave to grab some pizza just as Ronnie Spector begins to play. I sing along to “Be My Baby” as we walk towards Bedford…

We end up at this SICK pizza place where the workers make me feel if I could make pizza for the rest of my life an survive happily. Sometimes that sounds better than what I’m doing… there’s not a lot of stress involved in making pizza, methinks. Anywho, we end up walking down to the water, encountering a scary/hilarious crack head (who Matt and Josh actually witness DRINKING THE EAST RIVER!1!), we all retire back towards Josh’s pad, and then to Jean, Matt and Robs, where I pick up some of my shit, and head home.

My alarm is going off at 5:30am tomorrow. This is not going to be good.

And for the record, I would compliment you if I was bold enough to do so…


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