Today, I made mistakes.

August 7, 2008

1. wearing a skirt.
2. wearing a thong with said skirt.
3. thinking today was going to be easy
4. rushing through the fedex website
5. forgetting to fix my bosses turn signal. geez.
6. staying out so late last night
7. Having a jamba juice when all I’d eaten that day was a few french fries, a bite of sandwich (literally) and a coke. More sugar. Just what my system needed.
8. parking next to the one person that leaves the garage after me (almost had to get into my car through the passenger door.)
9. driving la brea home. there was some light they had turned into a 4 way intersection where we all had to take turns and it was bull.
10. thought i was going to be able to get everything i wanted done tonight. sigh.


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