The House Bunny: Not as Dumb as She Looks

August 25, 2008

Yesterday I went out and saw “The House Bunny,” and yes, I can hear you screaming “BEFORE HAMLET 2? YOU DUMBASS!” (And yes, I put in a request to see “Hamlet 2,” and it was promptly ignored by my homompanions.) But none the less, I got over it, and “The House Bunny” was a decent choice.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall weeeeee? First off, Anna Faris is a genius. I don’t know how she does it, but she seems to be spot on with over-the-top comedy. She’s a “FUNNY GIRL,” which is hard to come across these days, considering since Belushi declared “women aren’t funny” and the ladies kind of gave up. Faris stands tall (and horrendously skinny) in the crowd of “college girls,” who are too nerdy for their own good.

This isn’t a story of change or heartfelt victory or any of that bullshit. I mean, it is (obviously) but it’s also just fluff. It’s cotton candy, just like those little bunny tails. It’s so light and silly that it doesn’t matter how much you eat: it’s still going to be funny.

Props to Faris for keeping it real, that girl from Superbad for sometimes having a double chin and her character being named “Natalie,” that girl from the Cheetah Girls doing that really bad “bri-tish” accent, and Destiny, from Rock of Love, having one line in the prostitution jail scene (don’t ask.) Word.

I would say if you’ve got the money, and you just need a good laugh, go. Of course Hef and the Girls are in it, and of course they are terrible actors, but it’s still a fun time for all. My mom probably would have enough laughed, but I’m probably going to drag her to the new Woody Allen flick instead (meh.)


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