We Hide in Dark Places

September 9, 2008

1. Cocorosie – God Has A Voice

2. Bloc Party – Biko

3. Extra Golden – It’s Not Easy

4. Bjork – All is Full of Love (Plaid Remix)

5. The Company Kang – Tell All Your Friends

6. Death Cab for Cutie – Cath

7. Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire – With My Hands Out

8. Gym Class Heroes – Blinded by the Sun

9. Free Blood – Royal Family

10. Land of Talk – Magnetic Hill

11. Nat Baldwin – Lifted

12. The Coast – Tightrope (Tokyo Police Club Remix)

13. Frou Frou – The Dumbing Down of Love

14. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – If You Want Me

15. Gnarles Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

16. Grovesnor – Nite Moves

17. Justice – Planisphere (Part 1)

18. Low – In The Drugs

19. Built to Spill – Twin Falls




I hope that puts everything into perspective.

If someone finds me, please let me know. I’ve been too busy trying to save others from burning buildings and sinking ships and I keep forgetting that consuming my mind with the problems of others only makes me emotionally invested in people who can’t handle it.

Maybe I’m the one that needs saving now. I hate that.


One Response to “We Hide in Dark Places”

  1. mack said

    the plaid remix is key.

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