Crisis averted?

October 9, 2008

Today I had a bit of a crisis. I think I survived it though. I just had to go home and shut myself off… I think it’s the first time I didn’t go running and crying to everyone I know about what went wrong. Shutting up helped, I think, in a different way from talking to someone about it.


I’m going to New York tomorrow. Getting out of Boston is a bit of a relief… I’m ready to go spend the weekend with my “family”… I’m really excited to see them.

Watched a lot of TV tonight. Let’s review, shall we? Spoliers ahead, so close your eyes if you haven’t checked your DVR lately.

America’s Next Top Model – What the fuck is Tyra wearing during this episode? During the first challenge, she’s wearing a giant leather “belt” which is actually the silliest corset I’ve ever seen. I feel you girl, I don’t have a waist either, but that was a really silly attempt to make it happen. Tyra wears a hood at elimination, deciding to be “dramatic” and calling herself “little black riding hood”. You’re joking, Tyra. Please. Something tells me there’s something wrong wit her weave. And her eye shadow is totally the wrong color. It makes her eyes look orange.
As for winner, I’m on team Marjorie and team Annalise. Go Hunchback!

Project Runway – Oh. My. God. First, Tim was in Portland, which totally slays me. I love that man, and seeing him in my hood was just insane. Come back to me, Tim. Come back. As for elimination, I think based on that challenge they eliminated the right person. However, I think based on the whole season, K-beezy should have been totally booted. Michael Kors called her out though – on the wedding dress – and I have a feeling that bad tude is gonna carry over into the next part of the finale. Go team Leanne!

Top Design – I don’t have much to say about this episode… this show is starting to lose my attention (where is the judge that dresses like a couture clown?!) and Wisit was one of the reasons I was watching. I do have to admit that the exit they choreographed for him was beautiful. When that guy sang, I was always jaw on the floor. I’m really glad they sent him out singing… it’s stunning.

The Sarah Silverman Show – The premier episode for the new season pretty much was a chapter from my life. Except I don’t leave myself voicemails. Holy shit. It was absolutely hilarious. Last season kind of whomped and this season’s subplot of Sarah’s sister and cop boy-slash-friend is annoying. I wasn’t interested at all in “emissions”, and quite frankly, I just wanted to know what other shiz Sarah was going to get into. She’ll always be one of my heroes.

I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight. I’m a bit too emotional for my own good today. Le sigh.


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