This will not interest you. Seriously.

November 8, 2008

Lately I’ve been having really vivid whacky dreams. A few nights ago, I dreamt that I went to a Ramones concert with my friend Alida, only to meet up with our friend Ellis, who later locked himself in a room with 20 or so other people, which was full of empty bathtubs and aerosol cans. We were then informed that everyone in the room was going to burn themselves to death. The dream then took on a different perspective where I was in the mind of one of the guys in the bathtubs in the burning room and I panicked and ran and saw myself in a mirror and I was John Adams.

Then last night, I had a dream that was just scary and weird. The parts I remember (there are serious holes in the recollection) are the part where I was on the green line to Allston, sitting completely naked except for a green towel turban which was drying my hair. I was going to work, which was working at this compound (I can’t remember the purpose) for my old boss from Partizan. She sent me home when I showed up completely naked, so even though I had enough money for a cab, I took the T, and the driver handed me a stack of letters from people on the last train. (I had taken my towel off and had wrapped it around me instead.) The letters were horrible, and basically were just cruel mean things about me (like how offensive I was by being naked on the train, and that if I had been skinny and pretty it might have been tolerable, but since I was fat and ugly, I really shouldn’t have been naked on the train.) Another one said that I had scarred their child so bad that I had caused them to compulsively masturbate and that I was going to hell. I was sobbing hysterically on the T, so I got off, leaving my backpack on the train (I’m not sure why.) I got off in Coolidge Corner (fully dressed?) and walked by a street fair, which was more like a farmers market but was full of really weird food I had never seen before. (I specifically remembered a green furry fruit, a little larger than an almond, which for some reason registered as a coffee bean fruit in my mind, although I am sure it is not.) I passed a large glowing restaurant sign called “Mango” as I wandered out of the market. Coolidge Corner was much different than in real life – all the buildings were covered in vines and it was almost like the Oregon Country Fair. Maybe that’s what it was. Anywho, because I was off the T, to get back to my house, I had to cross a large, quickly flowing river. I met a boy named Brendan who would write me letters and hand them to me, and I’d have to read them quickly or he’d disappear. I was holding a large stack of paper which I’d purchased and he kept taking sheets from me to write me letters. My options for crossing the river was to swim, or walk across this rope bridge thing – both options seemed silly, so I sat on the edge and watched as the T went over a bridge. I figured that I could just walk behind the T over the bridge, but I couldn’t figure out how to get on the bridge. Brendan disappeared and I got a letter telling me to pick up the phone. I did, and it was a woman asking me to serve jury duty that day. I told her I was naked and couldn’t come to court, but I really wanted to do jury duty so if I could come in tomorrow that would be nice. She said no and hung up on me and then I woke up.


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