November 25, 2008

First, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the writing lately. I’m completely unmotivated, and it’s so not cute.

Second, I hate gossip. For example, something kind of scary about a friend got back around to me tonight, and I tried to contact that person, and they’re not getting back to me. So I’m kind of in the dark as to wether it’s true or false. I’m very confused, but don’t worry, Deeders, it’s not your fault. I’m just a little whacked out about it. Paranoid, if you will.

tomorrow is the last day of class before break. That means I have about 2 weeks to prepare my final papers.

And in conclusion, if anyone lives in New York area (hell, I’ll do LI if necessary) and can let me crash on their couch saturday night, I have to come to the city to look at apartments. Le sigh.


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