3000 Words

December 10, 2008

Have you ever tried to write 3000 words? It’s difficult. More difficult than I thought.

It’s finals week: I had written about four pages (single spaced, bitches) over the past few days, while following my 4 page outline. And I was like, oh, this must be at least 2000 words, right? I’m like 2/3 done!
No. Not at all. This be lies.
I had about 1500 words. Unbelievable. I had used up most of my good brain juices using big words (thanks, thesaurus… rex) and making stuff sound RULLY RULLY good, only to discover that I was only half done. I’m almost out of material and I’m half done. I’m effed.
I pushed through an now I’m at about 2200 words. That’s still not cutting it.
So I’m averaging about 630 words a page, and if we do some really quick math (or in my case, some really crafty test cut-and-pasting) it comes to about 5 pages, single space, solid text (NO FUCKING BLOCK QUOTES.)
Right now, I’m at exactly 4 pages. Like down to the very bottom. I’ve got to push through another FULL page of stuff to make the minimum requirement.
I don’t understand what’s so hard this time. I’ve written plenty of essays before, and this one is about stuff I actually like… seriously.
I know I’m not the only one having trouble. I’ve talked to a few of my classmates who are working on the same paper (different topics) and we’re all having trouble hitting the word count.

On the finals forecast: I still have another paper to write this weekend, a test, and a presentation all for Monday. This paper I’m writing now is due tomorrow, and I’m confident I can finish it. It’s just seriously a question of how proud I’m going to be in the end, and how much editing I can actually do to it before it is massacred.

My apartment is a total shithole. I’m supposed to have guests (perhaps) this weekend, and I don’t think anyone will be able to get through the front door. It’s pathetic, really. I took a break from my paper to do a load of laundry and take a shower (it’s a start) but I still have a pile of dishes in the sink (from last week. ew.) and a living room covered in notes, outlines, library books, scarves, popcorn, and empty bottles. I really want to have this place in PRISTINE condition before the weekend so that I can party guilt-free. Oh yeah, and there’s that paper I have to write and that test I need to review for, so obviously it won’t be a guilt free party. I’m giving myself Friday, for sure, to let loose and just enjoy the fact that I’m graduating.

Oh, and I have to pack. I have to pack a lot. My bookshelf will be gone on Sunday night, so there will be a whole corner of my room for me to start stacking boxes and whatnot in preparation. I have some furniture I still want to sell (maybe?) and piles of stuff I just need to throw away. I’m such a pack rat. I need someone to come over and just start destroying shit so I have reasons to throw it away.

Alright, that’s enough blahblahblahing. For the record, this post is about 600 words. Multiply this post by 5, and thats how much I have to write for this paper. Sigh. I havent even started the other one yet. It’s going to be a looooong finals week. :/


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