home again, home again, jiggity jig.

December 20, 2008

I’m back in Portland at my mom’s apartment in the Pearl. It’s kind of weird being back, but it’s been about 24 hours, and I’m still settling in. It’s been snowing on and off since I got here. It’ll snow during the day, then the sun will come out and melt it, and then it will snow again. We’re supposed to have 6 inches by later tomorrow night. That terrifies me. I haven’t seen 6″ of snow in Oregon anywhere but the Cascades. I feel like Portland is going to come to a semi-screeching halt. Or something. We’ll see.

My high school bestie is staying with us temporarily until it’s safer to drive I-5 and Corvallis unfreezes. Apparently a lot of people are iced/snowed in. It’s kind of outrageous… all the schools were closed for most of this week (one day had a two-hour delay, but the rest were totally cancelled) so they’re getting a 3.5 week winter vacation. Absolutely outrageous.

Mom has cable. I’ve been watching Bravo and everything she’s DVRd in the last few weeks. I never knew how much I’d miss it. It’s going to be harder when I move to New York and try to cut cable out of my life altogether.

Speaking of New York, I got approved for the apartment I wanted RULLL badly. I got it. I could die. I offered $100 less than what they were asking for and they gave it to me anyway. It’s bomb. The apartment is gorgeous and in the middle of Williamsburg and I can’t wait to move in and find a roommate. So good. SO GOOD.

Mark got me hired on a job in LA, so late January I’m bouncing out to LA for some on-set work. It’s a bittersweet trip: I’ll have JUST moved to New York (I’ll be there for about 3 days before I fly to LA) and the weekend I’m gone, some friends from Boston were planning on being in town. But it’s a great gig, I’m going to see all the people I love in LA, and I’m excited just to be working and traveling and rocking. I wish I could say “per usual” but that would be a lie… right?

Anywho. Back to life. I’ve almost adjusted to PST, and by the time I do completely, I’ll be flying to Hawaii for the New Year and have to switch another 3 hours earlier. Boo hiss. At least I’m not flying straight from the east. That would suck. Hard.

Alright, back to snuggling, eating, drinking, and being merry. Except for the part where my Muppet Family Christmas VHS is NOT WORKING. It is a failure of epic proportions and it is completely unacceptable. Completely. Unacceptable.

Good day. Stay warm.


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