A Rather Different Set of Friends

December 23, 2008

There’s an odd feeling in my head from being home and really not having any responsibility. Right now, I’m stressing myself out with the thought of moving, money, apartment, etc. I’m seriously trying to take one thing at a time (my mantra for several years now) but I’m failing miserably, thinking about things I can’t change and stressing out about things that probably don’t really matter.

I walked around Portland by myself today in a foot of snow. It was kind of lovely, actually. It was so beautiful out and not cold (low 30s… thats NOTHING kids. Boston is like 10 degrees with some serious wind to the face.) I really love it here, and one day I hope to move back and marry one of the hot yuppies running around… It’s where all the granola hipster yuppie hotties are, seriously. Seattle has got nothing on this. When I was at Bumbershoot, I struggled to find hot dudes in the crowd, but here, they are just prowling the streets in peacoats, thick-framed glasses, and surprisingly trendy weather-appropriate shoes. Ungh. God they’re just adorable. They’re like Brooklyn guys without the ego. Sex.

My mother and I have spent the last few days lounging, seriously doing nothing. We make breakfast (in this order since I’ve been back: blueberry muffins, Fuller’s, blueberry pancakes, and sour cream coffee cake muffins), watch the news report (the weather is atrocious – both of my siblings are supposed to arrive on the 24th, and that day it is supposed to snow nonstop. I’m going to be an only child on christmas…), and make trouble on our respective computers. Today was the first day I went out by myself (most of our errands are just to the grocery), and I didn’t get lost (which is incredible, considering my sense of direction in Portland is completely off by exactly 90 degrees.) At night we make dinner together… the last few nights were fairly simple. We went to this great Pho place down the street… Unfortunately, there were some serious jalapenos that were chillin out on the side (is that traditional? my instincts say no…) and I moved them so I could get to the tasty pile of bean sprouts. I completely forgot that I had touched them, and then promptly touched my nose. I’m not sure how, I’m not sure when, but I did, and the next thing I knew, my nose was on fire. I was a noodle eating Rudolph, nonstop tearing and trying not to touch mah nose. God it was horrible. Learned my lesson rullll good.

Thinking about having a party when I get to New York… kind of like my LA Quinceanera, but I’m thinking a better idea… like debutante ball. No? Weird? Yeah. I get like that. Shit, I shouldn’t even throw a party. I know like 5 people there. But they’re 5 good people… so maybe I’ll do a dinner or something. Maybe not. Maybe I’m thinking about this wayyyy too far in advance. Oh, and for those of you under a rock, I got approved for my apartment. Win.

Anywho, I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight. I’ll just wake up to more snow, more cold, more brain relaxation. I think the only way I could be lazier is if I hired a masseuse or some shiz. Oh wait, there’s a spa downstairs. Maybe I’ll go get a pedicure for my vacation… if I can fly out on the 27th :/

I bid you adieu.


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