Grand Gestures

February 7, 2009

Back in the day when “going out” meant sticking your tongue in someone else’s mouth and holding hands made you “boyfriend and girlfriend”, I had a boyfriend who invited me on vacation with his family in Canada.

I was 15 or so (as was he) and looking back on it, he was probably the sweetest boy I’ve ever called my boyfriend. And although I’m sure if I had really fought for it with my parents, they would have let me go. Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain I had some sort of commitment already, and told him I couldn’t go.

In serious reflection, this was such a grand gesture. A boy that I met at summer camp (we had known each other for three weeks) and invites me on vacation with his family, clearly has some high expectations of our short-lived relationship.

But when you’re making the effort with someone you really care about, how far should you go before you expect something in return? How much of a grand gesture do I have to make to expect one? Should I expect one? If the other person makes one, how do you go out of your way for them?

Recently I’ve found myself in a situation where I am expecting a grand gesture. I feel as if I have already made my grand gesture, and now I’m just waiting. I’m waiting for a sign. A serious sign. None of this other shit.

I’m not sure where I was going in this post. I think I was all nostalgic and then kind of got all silly distracted.


One Response to “Grand Gestures”

  1. Waiting for a grand gesture is hard, but I think making one is even harder. You have to get up the balls to do it, make yourself vulnerable, and then initiate the waiting …. so if you did that much, good for you.

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