I just want to break this down for you…

March 9, 2009

Had to be at work at 8:30am this morning. Okay, no problem.
– The L train doesn’t come for 20 minutes.

So I walk upstairs to get a car.
-There’s a line all the way down the block cause everybody’s got the same idea.

A Northside SUV pulls over and declares it’s going to Union Square. I decide to hop in with 7 other people and bypass the line. I start calling up my boss hoping she’s there and will answer.
– I get to Union Square at 8:25. My boss answers and says she’ll see me in a bit.

I run into the subway to catch the 4/5 uptown and it comes pretty quickly.
– Kind of boxed someone out in order to get on the train. Super bad subway karma.

I get to work 20 minutes late after RUNNING up Lexington 3 blocks.
– My boss opens the door and says its totally fine that I’m late because the computer people JUST got there and they’re not ready yet.

My boss just bought a new scheduling system for the office and we had training all morning.
– It’s super complicated and designed for a touch screen and we’re doing it on a laptop. I’m a little overwhelmed.

I leave work and go to H&M looking for work-appropriate shirts.
– The one shirt I really like they don’t have in my size.

I stop at Gap thinking they’ll have some spring long-sleeved shirts that will fit nicely.
-They all fit ridiculously. I remember why I stopped shopping at Gap.

I take a cab cross-town to Sephora at the Warner Center/Columbus Circle to pick up my Clinique cleanser and my favorite eyeliner that I’ve used up to the last drop. It’s on the way to my 2:45 therapy appointment.
– They don’t carry my eyeliner anymore. This is after they stopped carrying my original eyeliner, so I switched, and now they stopped carrying it again.

After grabbing a ridiculously small $4 to eat on the way or after my appointment, I decide to take the 1 train uptown (I usually take the 2/3) from Columbus circle to my appointment at 96th. I am RUSHING again because I really don’t want to be late.
– as I breeze through the front door, the front desk guy calls my name (we’ve never been introduced) and explains that my therapist has left for the day (she’s sick) and that she tried to call me and couldnt get ahold of me (no missed calls or messages on my phone.)

I slowly take the train all the way home. I’m too exhausted to eat my salad.

Today was almost dumb. I feel like I accomplished NOTHING but am EXHAUSTED and it’s only 4pm.


One Response to “I just want to break this down for you…”

  1. See this is where you would have called me. I miss the call. Get out of class and call you back. Drop all my plans for the evening and spend it with you, an extra large bottle of barefoot chardonnay from Jobi’s liquor and the Muppet movie collection. Alas… time’s change.

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