Easter: A Drinking Game

April 12, 2009

1. Attend brunch.
2. Order unlimited mimosas.
3. Drink as many mimosas as possible.
4. Take a cab home (over 60 blocks) and pass out.
5. Wake up around 8 and eat McDonalds. (Seriously. It’s a rule.)
6. Stumble home hungover around 10pm.

It was never my intention to get drunk at brunch. The unlimited mimosas was a tease, but the effortless table conversation and great new company made it kind of easy (note: I am not good with new groups of people, but for some reason this group made it EASY to be friends.) But after one too many mimosas, I end up carrying a 6’2″ man home in a cab. I mean, seriously, what are friends for?

Waking up 5 or so hours later, and a trip to the grocery for saltines and water, Jason keeps asking me: “Natalie, how did I get this drunk?”
There really is no answer. None at all. On the one hand, who gives a rats ass? It’s Sunday – God’s day – and if God wanted us sober, he’d knock the glass over. How about THAT? (credit: Jason Webley’s drinking song)

So Jason, although I kept up with you mimosa for mimosa, I am very unclear as to how you ended up this drunk, but I suspect you were roofied. We were in Chelsea after all, and we know everyone in that restaurant was not looking at me… not that they ever do. Regardless, if you’re reading this, drink the rest of the water I left you… you promised.

I think I’ll make a really good mother one day. I’m using Jason as a reference.

Happy Easter everyone.


2 Responses to “Easter: A Drinking Game”

  1. Mark said

    hahahahah. Oh how I wish I could have been there with you guys. Sometime you actually make me think New York would be easier than LA.

  2. it’s funny. often i think of how much easier LA would be than New York?

    trade lives with me freaky friday?

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