April 20, 2009

I picked someone to be a roommate who I don’t know very well at all. I spent the least amount of time interviewing her out of all of the people I spoke to, but I got a pretty positive vibe from her, so I’m gonna run with it.

I had my second interview with the marketing company I had my interview with last week. This interview involved a full-day job shadow, and a third interview afterwards if you did well during your day-shadow, which is used to evaluate your integrity and personality in general – basically whatever your resume can’t show. I spent the entire day walking around in the rain, with a broken umbrella, all over Flushing. I’d say I was quite the trooper.
I was offered the position during my interview at the end of the day – without even running it by the board – and I start Thursday.
My friend Kelly had told me the other night that she had applied for a similar position, and after making her run around midtown all day they told her it was commission only. So I was very wary going in, knowing that if they said it was commission only, that I would just leave. Well, when they called to confirm my interview, I asked for clarification:
“Is this a commission only position? Or are there full salary positions?”
“Some run on commission. Some on salary.” Derek, the receptionist, stated.
So imagine my surprise when I’m literally TRAPPED in Queens (I have NO idea where I am) and in a dingy pizza parlor in the pouring rain I’m told that until about 8 months in do you get a salary.
Oooooh boy so mad.
On the other hand, I can’t really turn down a job. Let’s get real: isn’t unemployment at this point worse? For all I know, I could be really good at this and make a lot of money fast. Who knows. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s a huge risk.

Maybe chance isn’t the issue here. Maybe it’s risk. Maybe It’s putting myself out there. This sounds all too familiar.

There is a really great thunderstorm outside. It’s making the sky glow purple. I’m exhausted from being cold in the rain all day and I’m really looking forward to sleeping in.


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