May 14, 2009

Things I love about my new job:
– It’s in East Village. I have a 10-15 minute commute from door-to-door. I’m across the street from Momofuku.
– Everyone who works there is so nice. They all have good hearts and it’s really refreshing to work with a group of people like that. One of the bosses took out the trash the other night as he left. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boss volunteer to do that; in fact, I’m fairly certain I’ve had to stay late to take it out myself a few times.
– It’s a creative collaborative space. It’s such a collaborative work environment and everyone seems genuinely supportive of everyone else. The only competition is against other companies, never within it.
– It’s secretly kind of fun. I spent a day going through email responses to a craigslist surveys for a paid focus group. I got CRAZY responses – probably close to 400 or so – and it was super silly to go through all of them… it made me feel a whole lot better about being single after knowing a majority of applicants were over 30 and single…
– It’s helping me regain my self-esteem. I was still a bit sore after my fall from work success, and it’s nice to be somewhere that I’m appreciated and encouraged.

Off to New Jersey to visit Rossy with Jason. I plan on spending the entire weekend in my pajamas, eating my weight in fiesta mix. If you don’t know what fiesta mix is, you don’t know jack.

Sorry I’ve been off and about as of late. No so much time to write. Busy working šŸ™‚


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