Why I Still Love Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8

May 24, 2009

So there’s this huge controversy about the Gosselins as of late, and I just feel like I need to speak my peace about it because, quite frankly, I’m quite a fan of the show and have watched it since it first aired. My mother hates the show because she hates the sound of other people’s screaming children, but I think it’s because she can’t stand Kate Gosselin. This plays into Natalie’s cardinal rule of hating people: The people you hate the most are the ones that are the most like you. And yes, my mother and Kate Gosselin have a lot in common.

I love my mother, and I know I don’t love Kate Gosselin as much as I love my mother. I’d probably would be WAY more fucked up if my mom sold us out to a reality show, but I can absolutely understand why Kate Gosselin did it. But my Mom did a lot of things that Kate did… disciplined us similarly (at times, not always) and yeah, my Mom was a bit of a control freak/perfectionist, but I never missed an appointment/lesson and that sort of structure worked well for me. My mom was also a pretty strong believer in healthy, well balanced meals… She wasn’t as strict as Kate was about it, but I’m sure 8 Happy Meals really adds up. I remember us RARELY doing takeout (the occasional pizza from the local joint, or on Wednesdays, we’d go to the same Mexican restaurant. I can understand the cost of 8 children and how going out to dinner really adds up. I actually respect a lot of Kate’s parenting skills- if I had 8 kids, yeah, OH YEAH. I get it Kate, and you are pretty spectacular for doing what you do.

The media has been slandering her left and right calling her a bitch and a control freak. Control freak, sure. But I can understand that. The chaos of what could happen with 8 children? Sweet lord, I consider myself to be a control freak… I can only imagine how insane I would be with 8 children. As for “bitch,” I can’t necessarily agree. Having a demanding personality comes with being a control freak – if someone else isn’t going to do what you want JUST right, you should do it yourself and not rely on other people. I can see why Kate would feel like that, and I know I’m the exact same way. As for her “love taps” on Jon or yelling at him for coupons or whatever, it’s a married squabble. Everyone’s stressed and when you really care about someone – it escalates fast. And hey, Jon has his moments too! I’ve seen him scream at the children in a few episodes and he might be quiet, but lord knows he’s said some backhanded things to Kate.

Kate obviously LOVES those children… there is nothing insincere about this show: it’s the family at the best and their worst. I think Jon loves his family too – a lot. I think the stress of being in that position is really difficult. I completely respect them for what they have been able to accomplish, and they’re amazing parents for being thrown into such a rare situation so quickly.

So Kate, I applaud you. Jon, I’m a little sketched out by your late night bar hopping/girl chasing, but I get it. You guys are hangin in there, and I hope that your children can one day fade into anonymity, kind of like the Paskowitzes (if you haven’t seen “Surfwise,” I quite enjoyed it). I sincerely hope that the Gosselins are able to capitalize as much as they humanly can for as long as they can, but I am wary of what reprocussions this could have on the children. But this I do know: Kate and Jon are doing everything they possibly can, and are as NORMAL of a family as they could ever be. I think this whole drama in the public eye proves it – they are like everyone else… they just have a camera in their faces.

Sorry this was kind of rambly. Haven’t done a lot of cohesive writing lately.
And holy crap: thunderstorm outside with the BIGGEST raindrops I’ve ever seen. It’s like God is spitting lugies at me.


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