June 10, 2009

I had something I was going to write about and then I totally forgot. I had it pretty planned out in my head too. Maybe that’s the problem… I am losing my mind.

I definitely used to have such a good memory. Little details here and there… now I forget things I started doing with purpose. Like I’ll sit down at my computer and turn it on and open up a browser and then completely forget what I was going to look up. I’ll often walk into my bedroom and forget what I was looking for. I hate this sudden loss of short term memory and it’s kind of suuuuuper annoying.

Ever since Josh got here it’s been nonstop baller status. Every night we are drinking and carrying on and having a wonderful time. Sounds like he might come back next weekend too… I wish he would just MOVE BACK ALREADY, JOSHUA. It’s just like old times to have him back here and it’s really quite lovely. It also makes me realize how much time I spend alone… Went to one of his friend’s houses last night to watch the Laker game. After we had finished a bottle of wine with dinner (Josh cooked/destroyed my slow cooker lid – it was DELICIOUS.) we went into the city and into this AMAZING apartment… it wasn’t just that the apartment was mindblowing (I mean, it was a great New York City apartment) but there was a giant closet that pretty much had every single kitchen utensil, serving platter, appliance, vase, etc… and it was ORGANIZED. My GOD it was like a dream come true. Absolutely spectacular… like the Container Store and Williams-Sonoma had a baby.

Well we continued to drink through the game and the next thing I know I’m seriously nodding off. So bad. Such a sleepy puppy. It had also been a really long day… we only got home around 12:30, but I was exhausted (Josh was too) and we ended the night early – and on a high note – high fives, bedtime.

My brain is a little on the slow side this morning. While I DID remember to take leftovers for lunch (I mean, it was SO good… how could I resist?) but I totally forgot my wallet. With my metro card. And only realized it when I got to the subway. In the rain. Nice. Then after I got on the train and was walking towards the office, I definitely remembered I forgot to pay my utility bills and definitely left my paycheck on the counter. I planned on depositing that today so that I could… well… live. Oh well. Who needs to live?


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