Explosions in the Sky: A Lesson in Debauchery

July 6, 2009

On a scale of one to absolutely ridiculous, this weekend was definitely above and beyond the spectrum. It was completely unexpected and effortless (for the most part) and had some serious surprises.


Glenn and I had a wonderful afternoon reunion. I’d forgotten how absolutely wonderful that girl is and how we’re sometimes so similar it’s scary. I don’t mean to say that I’m a wonderful person, I’m saying that we see eye to eye on most things… I consider myself to have a pretty intense moral code, and Glenn seems to believe in similar things. I’m SO glad she’s spending her summer here… I was in desperate need of some amazing BK girlfriends 🙂

We went grocery shopping and picked up all of the ingredients for the cupcakes we planned on making for the 4th of July, and while at Sunac, decided to try a whole bunch of those cool looking natural drinks and blog about it. We spent the whole day baking and laughing our asses off. What a simply wonderful way to spend the day.

That night we met up with some friends of Glenn’s (super cool people) out in Bushwick, grabbed some dinner, and set some fireworks off on the roof.

I like that Glenn moves to town, I start having the time of my life, and she introduces me to awesome people. Girl, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFEEEEEE.

After stumbling home on a running (?!) L train, I couldn’t fall asleep. Somewhere between waiting for Arlen to call me back and watching 2 pretty horrible indie sex comedies, I looked at the clock and it was suddenly 5am. Whoops. So much for making it through the 4th of July without passing out again.


Went over to Glenn’s in the early afternoon – her sublet is ADORABLE and made me think that I can really find an affordable 1 bedroom in Williamsburg and hopefully move next winter (UGH I can feel the anxiety already…) G-unit and I finished decorating the cupcakes and headed out for Saxon’s new place, this SICK 4 bedroom in E. Willburg (apartment #2 that proved I could find something better…) and grilled out in the backyard. Sax made one of the best burgers I’ve had in a really long time and the cupcakes, red velvet with cream cheese fresh vanilla icing and berries were a hit…

After soaking up some tequila shots in the sun (hey, I was trying to be patriotic?), we were off to another party in East Willburg. This party was HUGE, beer cost more money than I wanted to spend, and I only knew an immediate group of people. Glenn introduced me to her friend Marlena, who is an absolute hoot, and the two of us moseyed off to a corner of the party where we could judge hipsters and giggle like schoolgirls. After eye fucking a few of them, one brushed my ass, and that was the end of that joke.

After a few hours of awkwardly standing around and not knowing people, I headed over to Matt’s as he came back from a party in Prospect Park. I grabbed a pack of Dogfish and a thing of coke (for Matty’s Makers) and hit up Manna for some hummus. By that time, an hour had passed, the sun had begun to set, and Matt had finally made his way back from the park…

Mattyboo and I went up to the roof to watch the fireworks only to be shocked by a GIANT plume of smoke. We’re talking blocking out the skyline huge. For a hot second, I thought my apartment building was burning down (bye life!) but it turned out to be a wooden water tank company on Wythe and 9th that some hipsters burned down with fireworks. Not really a surprise there, but what had shocked me was the size of this fire… I could see the glow of the flames above Williamsburg buildings from the rooftop where I was. That’s a huge fire yo.

Well the fire died down, the fireworks started, a photog friend of Matt’s came over (and left promptly after the fireworks due to an explosive conversation that I felt somewhat guilty for.) By that time I was pretty drunk, somehow survived the day with so little sleep, and hopped in a car home. I was definitely drunk; that dogfish really packs a punch, don’t it?

Tried to get ahold of Arlen again considering I had spoken to him for a hot second in the middle of the afternoon. He was working (go figure) and Arlen actually did call later that night, but I had passed out. Hard. I turned my ringer on loud in case he called and I slept through a text message or two. I hope that puts the drunkenness into perspective.


Woke up and felt horrible. Did my regular hangover routine of stumbling into the bathroom, popping a couple of advil/tylenol, chasing it with a giant glass of water, and passing back out. Woke up a few hours later feeling a little bit better, but not on my A game. Spent the day re-hydrating in front of my air conditioner on the couch until it was time to go into the city and meet up with Rossy, who FINALLY moved into his summer sublet. He has a great room in the financial district, his roommates are nice, and Jak, his adorbz puppster, has 2 little yorkies to play with. It’s a pretty ideal situation for him – they also have a SICK roofdeck that I plan on spending a lot of time on this summer…

Walked uptown with Rossy to meet Max at a restaurant in Chinatown before he moves back to the west coast. I did a pretty shitty job trying to meet up with him back while I was in Boston, and whenever he came to New York, it never seemed to work out. But this time, I insisted. It must happen… I don’t know when I’m going to see him again 😦

We had a really great, slightly depressing, but lovely conversation. It’s interesting to note how things have changed and how we’ve both grown from oddly similar experiences. Max is such a wonderful guy; I really hope that when he moves back west, the change of scenery is refreshing and inspiring… that one is going to do big things, I tell you. I’ve decided to keep in better touch with him… he really is such a kind spirit.

I then went to meet new friend and blogger/novelist/facebook stalker Anderson Evans for drinks. “Drinks” turned into “DRINKS!” and the next thing I knew we were battling it out via Wii, at which, I would like to add, I royally kicked his ass. Anderson was a bit butthurt about it, but proceeded to rub in my face that he royally schooled me at Word Challenge on facebook, my version of digital crack, and definitely hurt my feelings. Ass.

After a hilarious conversation about a spiderman comforter, that guy from Twilight and his veloceraptor arms, and holyfuckinggod the Wii ghostbusters game, we called it a night.

Night melted into morning and the next thing I know I have the worst hangover on planet earth (it’s catching up with Anderson as we speak) and I have to dash off to the post office (which ended up being a waste) and then to work, only to discover that the meeting I was supposed to set up for today got canceled, so we all get free lunch that I feel too sick to eat.

My supervisor said I look like I’m gonna vomit. Great. So I look just as shitty as I feel. SCORE.

Alright. Time to snap out of this coma and do something productive… like mentally list all of the crap I put off all weekend and will have to take care of in the next 48 hours… frickballs.


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