It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep

July 28, 2009

These posts lately have been too “blah blah blah my life sucks” and I’m getting sick of it. So today, I’ve decided to discuss a few things that are probably more interesting to the general public. (My most viewed post was the one I wrote on Nic Sheff’s “Tweak”, which was a really weak review of the book on my behalf and was more about my personal connection to it… So I don’t know why Google brings it up and people keep reading it… Also, Glenn Boozan, stop googling yourself at work. Somebody has found my blog twice by googling your name.)

Alright here we go.

I figured I’d start and Oprah style “Natalie’s Favorite Things” post collection because I like to think that I like a wide range of things. But there’s a difference between “needs” and “wants” so pay attention I suppose. This is probably stuff I should be posting on my tumblr but I’ll get there.


Nothing beats these flats. Nothing. I had a pair I’ve worn for 2 years (bought them at a DSW in SF in Summer of 2007) until they started fraying at the toes and had to be repaired with clear nail polish (that didn’t work too well.) They are my everywhere shoes in this city – comfortable enough that I can wear them all day and and cute enough that I can wear them to work or dress them up to go out at night. I bought a new pair about a month ago, and they are just as wonderful as my last pair (which I honestly can’t bring myself to throw away… GAHHH) and I’m tempted to buy another pair before they disappear forever! BC has stopped making them (I mean they were from 2 years ago) but you can still find them on smaller sites in a few colors. These shoes are DEFINITELY a “need” because in the summer they’re all I wear for the most part. Flip flops in New York City are an invitation for getting flat tire’d or having the dirtiest feet ever by the time you get home (and those that know me know I can’t STAND having feet that dirty.)

This shit is bananas. Seriously. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have seriously acne-prone skin, but every once and awhile a real ugly one will pop out of nowhere. But this shit works. No joke. I’ve tried proactive (thought if I was on a regular face cleaning regimen that it would stop it all together) and it didn’t work… in fact, I’m pretty sure it might have been making me break out more. I did the Clinique line, I’ve tried Aveeno washes – but this is the fastest, most awesome thing ever. Literally dabbed it on the problem spots before I go to bed and it’s noticeably smaller and not as red in the morning. This is gross, but I’m a popper (I can’t stand it) and this stuff works for that too – If I fuck it up, this shit repairs it. In three days (if applied twice a day) my zits are pretty much GONE. Awesome. For $7, its worth every penny. I’ve had the same tube for probably a few years now and it’s still awesome. (I know Clinique makes a similar product that works well also, but why pay more than $10 at a department store for something that you can get for $7 almost ANYWHERE.)



I can’t justify spending $50 on this. I am tempted to buy a used Amazon version but will be sooo pissed if it doesn’t work right :/

(god that picture is gigantic)
I’m not sure if this is a need or want. I can’t tell if my voyager’s new issues are a sign that the end is near or not, so very soon, I’m making the big jump to blackberry. My voyager has been incredibly faithful, and for the most part it’s a superb phone. I plan on hanging on to it in case my new blackberry craps out (which would be DEVASTATING.) I feel almost bad getting rid of it; I have some sort of complex where inanimate objects have personalities and I feel bad for pushing them away. Weird, right? Whatever. I’ve had the voyager for 2 years, and only now does it have it’s little ticks… we take our technology for granted so much… like if your phone doesn’t connect INSTANTLY or has a little tick or something, it’s automatically TERRIBLE and WORTHLESS. This phone is so little and perfect for the needs that I had, I’m so scared to switch to Blackberry. I don’t want people to think it’s going to give them more instant access to me… being on BBM and having my email all the time and ughhh I do not want that sort of responsibility. I feel so tied down by my possessions as is, how is getting a phone that requires more commitment to technology helping me?

For the record, I’m getting a pink one if I try out the Storm and hate it.

Speaking of commitments and keeping shit and whatnot, I have an issue with getting rid of things. I’m trying to talk Jason into coming over and helping me get rid of crap, which I am SO not good at. (My mom used to help me.) I’m just no good at throwing things away. I have boxes full of letters and notes (There are a few in there from middle school. No joke.) Maybe I should scrapbook all of that shit, but then there’s all my craft stuff – which I just keep buying more and more of and can’t use it fast enough. I feel bad just throwing it away, and quite frankly, some of it I don’t want to get rid of… I mean I have some great yarn I’d like to use and some fabrics that will come in handy later on, but I can’t bring myself to just throw shit away. That’s my mother in me – always recycling everything we owned and using something until it was broken beyond repair. My mother hated throwing things away if they still worked (getting a “new” computer to replace the older slower one never really made sense to her I think) and I can’t do it either. If you’re really good at getting rid of stuff, I’d really appreciate it if you came over and helped me. I’m awesome at organizing, but getting rid of stuff just does not compute.

I’ve also sorted out my whole birthday situation recently. I have so many friends going out of town the weekend of the 29th, my birthday (figures, the year my birthday is on a weekend…) so I’ve decided to bump it up a week. This means my birthday weekend (yes, I get a whole weekend. I love celebrating, so suck it.) is the weekend of the 22nd-23rd. The night of the 22nd will be the PARTY (like the real-deal-balls-to-the-wall-you-might-actually-vomit-party (location TBA, but I’ve got a great idea…), and don’t worry, I’ll bring cupcakes to suck up some of the booze) and then on Sunday the 23rd, is the Girl Talk show at the Pool Party. I can almost guarantee that there will be a line around the block to get in (bitch, please. It’s hipster music in the hipster capital of the world.) so get there early. I will probably be meeting everyone in there because, oh, I have a press credentials (wahwah!)… if you’re interested in attempting to beat the system, give me a holler and I’ll try to help you out đŸ˜‰ I will be spending the afternoon getting over my hangover and dancing so hard to Girl Talk. I am praying that it we will not have a massive thunderstorm, and if we do, I’m planning on dancing through it, so FUCK IT. Get hit by lightning? WHO CARES IT’S MY MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.*

*this is not true. I care, and if there is a big storm like last weekend, I will be hauling ass back to my apartment and watching the storm from my window. I will absolutely not be getting hit by lightning or dancing in the rain. Sorry.

I hope everyone can make it to either day 1 or day 2. Two day passes are available at Walmart and your corner bodega at a discounted price. I honestly don’t want any shit from anyone for my birthday. I don’t even want anyone to buy me a drink (we’re all poor enough.) What I would like, is all of my friends to be in one place while everyone is having a wonderful time. People are no good at surprising me, so I figure planning all of this myself will work out just super.


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