Why I Changed my Mind and Decided Jon Gosselin is a D-Bag.

July 28, 2009

I donno if y’all remember, but I was a really big fan of Jon and Kate plus 8. I’ve watched it for years and really admired the Gosselins.

And then we had that big ol messy divorce thing. Okay, I can handle it. Way to be strong, Kate. Way to live your life the way you want to Jon.

But Jon, then you went and made an IDIOT of yourself.

I was rooting for you Jon. I really was. While watching the show, I was really hoping that things would work out and your and Kate’s friendship could remain to help the kids. I had a lot of faith in you that you would do the right thing.

And then you moved to New York City.

I don’t really give a shit who you date. Hell, I don’t blame you for wanting to experience that. You got married when you were 23. TWENTY FUCKING THREE. And then you had twins. You lost a lot of those important partying years, and I can see why you’re all girl crazy now. I certainly don’t blame you for that in the slightest.

What I’m pissed about, Jon, is the proposal of you getting your own reality show. I think that is total bullshit.

Let’s review, shall we Jon?

Way back in the episodes where you guys were separated and whatnot, it was implied that you didn’t really want to be in the spotlight. Sure, you were jealous of Kate’s recognition and whanot, but you made it perfectly clear that you didn’t want to be on the book tours and morning shows. You wanted to go back to having a normal life and having normal jobs… or so you implied.

But now theyre saying youre in talks to get a reality show for TLC? Goddamnit, Jon. I don’t like cursing at tolerable nice super religious people, but GODDAMNIT. What the FUCK are you thinking? For someone who was so mad about being in the spotlight and not having a normal life, you’ve certainly fucked it up for yourself, haven’t you? You dated a 23 year old who was the daughter of your ex-wife’s plastic surgeon. You’re now sleeping with a former Star reporter. What next Jon? When’s the sex tape? When is somebody gonna come out of the woodwork and say that you’ve got a love child out there floating around? You have stepped in it, Jon. You are tracking that shit all over New York City, and you are getting all the negative attention you deserve.

If there is a Jon Gosselin show, I will not be watching it. If it gets to the point where you have a reality show airing, it will be the end of our “relationship”. You make me sick already with all of this bullshit and you don’t seem to be hating the spotlight at all… with all that product placement bullshit. Jesus, Jon. You are REALLY asking for it.

Please Jon, disappear into the woodwork the way you wanted to way back when. You’ll probably be one of the most famous reality show “stars” ever, and because you said for so long that it wasn’t what you wanted, all I can do is point my finger and laugh at you.

Shame on you, Jon Gosselin. Shame.



One Response to “Why I Changed my Mind and Decided Jon Gosselin is a D-Bag.”

  1. Leese said

    OMG… I couldn’t agree more.

    Jon Gosselin has to be the biggest douche in the history of reality tv since Jonny Fairplay!!!

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