September 30, 2009

So I’m back to being unemployed. It ain’t so bad, really, but I’ve been unemployed before, and I know the system… I know how to manage the time, fill the void, and goddamnit, it’s most simple terms: keep busy.

I’ve become a little more dedicated to the smaller projects in my arsenal. My alarm clock goes off at 9:30 every morning and I do wake up. (I try to be out of bed by 10.) Maintaining focus and drive is crucial.

Lately, I’ve been working on art. I’ve been dating. I’ve been keeping up with friends a bit better. I’ve been excavating my room, figuring out how my cell phone ACTUALLY works, looking into galleries to submit to, and actually doing my laundry myself (it’s been awhile, but when there’s no income, I can’t justify dropping it off…)

With this “work,” however, comes a shadow of immaturity. I’ve been drinking more (mostly on the cheap or whatever is left in the fridge.) I’ve been staying up later and keeping up with my DVR a bit better than I did when I was unemployed. I haven’t baked or cooked in awhile (ramen is the extent of the stove use at this juncture.) I’ll even justify taking a few hours to do nothing: lie out in the park and stare up at the warped gray sky (figure out if you’re gonna be sunny or rainy, New York fall!)

In other news, I have mixed feelings here and there. How’s that for vague?


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