October 2, 2009

I’m a bit lazy to get too much into detail about things at this point because my brain is a little squirreled and I probably couldn’t tell you North from South anymore…

– There has been a SERIOUS lack of work for the past week. Yo film peoples, if you need a PA last minute (or even in general), I am SO there.

– Been working really hard on my art. Spent yesterday on a serious mission to find felt and did a pretty good job. Newest project is looking like one of the better ones I’ve produced in awhile.

– Saw Jason for lunch yesterday, which was crazy because sometimes we fall SO out of touch. But one of the things I love about my relationship with Jason is that we can fall off the planet for awhile and still meet up and have a great time catching up. It’s almost more fun if we’ve got shit to gossip about πŸ™‚ It was funny to realize that for the first time in a long time, we were both in really good places mentally. Sure, we both have stressors (mine being the, oh, lack of income), but for the most part, we’re happy. I haven’t been able to say that in awhile.

– Had some sort of crazy ridiculous breakthrough with my therapist recently and then fucked it up going back to old habits. I think I’m clinically insane. Like, I’m making mistakes I’m not learning from, so I’m making the same mistakes again. I thought I had learned from them, but it appears instincts lead me elsewhere…

– Getting SUPER excited for the MJR retreat at the end of the month.

– I am getting constant bloody noses lately. I know, gross right? I think that thing that happens on Lost with the time jumps is happening to me. If I just like collapse and die one day from all the time travel, could somebody make sure to find a subletter so my roommate isn’t in a pickle? Thanks.

– I need another bookshelf SO bad. I’ve already picked them out from Ikea, I just gotta get my shit (and my moneys) together so I can buy themmmmm…

– I love that it’s fall and I finally get to wear a jacket. This snuggly weather is AWESOME.

– I feel like I have been doing a really great job recently of not spending money on superfluous things. That’s huge, considering I’m such a compulsive shopper.

– Might be going to visit lil bro this weekend. Might be the first time I drive on the East Coast. This is another situation where I might die, so someone take good care of my roommate… and my mom.

– I still think if you haven’t already you should check out THIS if you haven’t already. (And tell your friends… I’ve been “hired” to promote πŸ˜‰

– I want breakfast.


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