Whatever Works

December 15, 2009

I tried to bake pretzels last night. I failed miserably. I blame the oven. I’m going to try again today, but if it doesn’t work out, I’m givin up on that one. Maybe I’ll try to make bread instead. The pretzels (the ones that baked properly) were delicious, and luckily my dad sent me a 3-tier cooling rack for channuchristmas. I’m still not feeling 100% – my brain is all sorts of squirrely too – so I’ve been trying to consume my days with things that are low-stress and complete super short-term goals. I made pretzels. Goal completed. I’ve got to go grocery shopping.

This weather makes my head itch.

Lately, I’ve had the strong urge for physical contact. I feel like I’ve got this tank that’s gotta be filled. Like I have to be hugged a certain amount or high five a certain amount. I often feel like I’m the only one that has this problem.

I had a nightmare last night that I was staying at someone’s houses… there were riding horses involved (indoors), some sort of choir performance, getting kicked out of said house, and a trip to Home Depot. A trip to Home Depot. I’m sure you can figure out (roughly) what happened at home depot. It wasn’t pretty.

And when I woke up, I figured out that I had found all of the qualities I loved, but attached to ambition and passion. To honesty. To someone who’s actions reflect their words.

And I’m terrified.

I’m still really good at sinking threes from my bed… those tissues just SWISH in the wastebasket.

I think I need to sit in a coffee shop for awhile. Clear my head and muse over something.


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