December 31, 2009

So the end of another decade is here. Remember Y2K? Remember all the crazy shit that went down in the last 10 years? I don’t. Well I do, but I don’t care. Here’s why:

The past 10 years will probably be the most memorable in my life. High school and college both took place within the last 10 years, and everyone remembers that shit. I try to forget parts of it, but it haunts me. I feel like the next 10 years should be more influential… ages 22-32? Obvs. This is my young adult life, and shit is changing constantly. I’m trying to find myself, find my place, find my calling… the next decade is the decade when it’s all supposed to come together. The last 10 years were the 10 years it came apart.

I hate New Years. I’ve said it a million times to a dozen people. But I think this next decade should treat me well, and if it doesn’t, well, father time and I are going to have a really serious conversation.

I’ve got some good stuff going on right now. Don’t want to get to specific and ruin it (like I guess I did last time) but I’m having fun, and at this point, I think that’s what I’ve got to focus on.

Happy last day of 2009, guys.


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