The Squid

January 21, 2010

Had some breakthroughs last night. Some at therapy about that dream I had about the Squid tattoo on my arm that turned into a scar on my wrist. Gave me a lot to think about.

Had some breakthroughs about myself on the way home. Walked from 63rd to 14th. I needed the fresh air.

My roommate moved out yesterday. Last night I kept expecting to hear the front door open and him to come home. It was just the neighbor in our hallway going into his own apartment. It made me kind of sad.

Spent some good time with my friend Jackie yesterday. She just moved to the city and is having a rough time settling in… I feel for her, because I remember to vividly what my first few months here were like… you’re struggling to settle, but you’re so excited that you’re finally here. I think we found her an apartment (which isn’t too far from mine!) and I really hope she’ll be happy settling into New York life. I have absolute faith that things will work out… which I usually don’t, but if there’s something I’ve learned about New York City, or life I suppose, it’s that it only takes one thing to fall into place for the others to start clicking as well. I think it almost restores hope… gives one faith that maybe if THIS works out, the rest has a chance.

I’m gonna wake up slowly today. A lot of emotional stress yesterday and I’m a bit exhausted.


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