Don’t Hate Me

October 26, 2010

My pops is in town so i dont really have a lot of time to write. But get this: I legit just STUMBLED across this photo on the internet (alright, I was reading this article on 12 drugs the government abuses to interrogate people) and on the LAST one, they talked about Versed, which is this CRAY CRAY drug somebody was fucked up enough to invent. The way it works is they give it to you as a way to “put you under”, but in reality you are AWAKE THE ENTIRE TIME you’re having surgery, and then this drug legit makes you forget EVERYTHING that happened for a set amount of time (depending on the amount administered) AND THEN SOME. Eg: if your surgery is 5 hours long, and they give you versed, you forget everything for the last 5 hours, AND THEN AN HOUR BEFORE THEY GAVE YOU THE VERSED. YES, YOU FORGET WHEN THEY GAVE YOU THE DRUG UNTIL THEY TELL YOU THEY GAVE YOU THE DRUG. HOW MESSED UP IS THATTTTT?!

Ive actually known about this drug for years (my mother told me about it when she had surgery when i was in high school and my dad also explained it as he is a surgeon…) but the effed up part about this article is the scary picture associated with the drug. No, they do not show a pill bottle or the plant origins of the drug, they show a picture of a person awake, clearly freaking out, during surgery. I will not sleep. Look/read at your own risk. I legit can’t look at this again.


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