Hitting it on the Nose

November 14, 2010

Someone in my building offered me their queen size bedframe out of storage which is amazing. I hope it works out.

I’ve had to take a few breaks from writing as work has been insanely stressful, and I’ve been sick, which means I’ve been going to bed by 8; this means I’ve also lost writing time as I do my best writing past the hour of 10 (generally. just a secret: i usually write at night, and it gets posted the next day. BLAMMO!) I’ve also just finished watching Battlestar Galactica, so I’m definitely feeling a little bit better after crossing stuff off my list. But that’s totally a great task for a sick person.

Also had a lot on my mind. Nothing that I can really write about… the words just don’t come. It’s like I’ve got colors and feelings and images, but no words. Just… blah. Everything will have it’s moment in the spotlight. I feel like that moment for my thoughts and feelings will be there soon.

I wish I could take more time off at Christmas. It’s kind of upsetting, really. On the one hand, I’m worried I won’t have enough time to see everyone I want to see while I’m home… on the other hand, there’s only a few of them, and everyone is going to be busy with their own families. I’m also worried spending too much time at home will make me move back there… I’m not ready for the move back to Oregon. I’m saving that for when there’s babies involved. When I’m looking for my nest. I know it’s in a tree somewhere in Oregon.

Working on figuring what my next move is. Literally and figuratively. Keeping my head in check and my feelings out of it (to be honest.) Most of my functions now are robotic and direct, although I’m finding they don’t always come off that way. I’m just trying to get through the days at this point… ignoring instincts, and giving in to process.


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