Dorm Violation

November 21, 2010

I’m distracting myself. Keeping busy. Watching stars and dreaming about my future apartment, as I almost threw down a deposit tonight. Definitely headed in the right direction I hope, if not, I just hung out with the randomest stranger for over an hour. Talk about great first-hetero-date.

I started looking up my horoscopes thinking it would make me feel better. Cause you know, horoscopes are like Death Cab for Cutie lyrics – they’re relatable somehow. Every single fucking word.

Horoscope lookup one:
“Pore over the tiny details — it’s far too easy for your family or colleagues to gloss over them, and you want to make sure that nobody has to go back and redo anything for any reason.”
Spell check yourself, horoscope. And if I listened to you on this one, I’d be more fucked than I am right now (dont ask.)

You are contentious, argumentative, and impatient now. Disagreements erupt because you aren’t willing to overlook minor irritations as readily as usual. Confrontations with others may be fruitful if you don’t allow your anger to get out of control. You are highly competitive at this time.
In my confrontational moments recently, I think I’ve kept my anger in check. Luckily CBH is definitely helping me communicate better, so I try to stick to just the facts… emotional v rational. Remaining rational is keeping me on point right now.

Your confidence is increased today with the earthy Taurus Full Moon in your 9th House of Big Ideas. You are very certain that your solution is a good one, yet your feelings can still distract you from what you need to do. Allowing your mind to wander could turn your accurate observations and increased stamina into irrationality and laziness. It’s not wise to take on too much; instead, be smart and work small changes into your daily routine.
I’ve been working too many big changes into my plans… maybe because I did let my emotions dictate them. However, isn’t that the point? A wise man once said to me: “If you’re unhappy, change something.” So I did. My mother’s mantra was always “You are the only one who can make yourself happy.” And I’ve been really unhappy. So I’m making a change.

I can’t stay up too late tonight, guess why?


So okay, I’m trying to keep getting as many hours in my day as humanly possible, cause there are definitely never enough seconds, minutes, hours, etc. There aren’t even enough days in my week to get to everything I want to do these days. I’m accidentally double booking. I think I need to start carrying around a moleskin calendar and say fuck this google calendar situation. It’s sync-y-ness kind of blows.

Anywho, 8am dentist. 9-5 work. 5:30pm conference call (OH YEAH AFTER HOURS). 7pm apartment viewing. and post it all = josh time. Yep. It’s that time of the year. It’s Josh time.

My sleepytime situation is starting to kick in. By situation I mean induced sleep. I know this because my fingers are getting lazier. Seacrest, OUT.


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