No-Fly List

December 1, 2010

So I discovered this fun little article on this group called PABBIS (sounds like a really fun gynecological procedure) which is this group that’s trying to get the following books banned in k-12. Now, from personal experience, I know I read several of these books before I graduated high school (most of my friends probably read more, but I really like TV… fucking deal with it.)

Person whos read the most of these before 12th grade gets a prize. And by that, I mean a special shout out on my more popular blog. (which means 6 people will see it instead of 3)

33 Snowfish – Rapp, Adam
A Seahorse Year – D’Erasmo, Stacey
Alice Alone – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Alice in Rapture, Sort Of – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Alice on Her Way – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Alice on the Outside – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
All Over But the Shoutin’ – Bragg, Rick
All the Pretty Horses – McCarthy, Cormac
Alt Ed – Atkins, Catherine
Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned – Mosley, Walter
Always Running La Vida Loca: Gang Days In L.A. – Rodriguez, Luis T.
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging – Rennison, Louise
Animal Dreams – Kingsolver, Barbara
Annie On My Mind – Garden, Nancy
Are You in the House Alone? – Peck, Richard
Athletic Shorts – Crutcher, Chris
Baby Be-Bop – Block, Francesca Lia
Bastard Out of Carolina – Alison, Dorothy
Be True to Your School: A Diary of 1964 – Greene, Bob
Beloved – Morrison, Toni
Black Boy – Wright, Richard
Bless Me Ultima – Anaya, Rudolfo A.
Boy’s Life – McCammon, Robert
B-More Careful – Holmes, Shannon
Breaking Boxes – Jenkins, A. M.
Chinese Handcuffs – Crutcher, Chris
Chronicle of a Death Foretold – Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
Dance on My Grave – Chambers, Aidan
Deal With It! A whole new approach.. – Drill, Esther & McDonald, Heather & Odes, Rebecca
Desire Lines – Gantos, Jack
Dreamland – Dessen, Sarah
Druids – Llywelyn, Morgan
Eight Seconds – Ferris, Jean
Ellen Foster – Gibbons, Kaye
Empress of the World – Ryan, Sara
Exodus – Uris, Leon
Fade – Cormier, Robert
Fair Game – Tamar, Erika
Fallen Angels – Myers, Walter Dean
Families – Jannes, Aylette
Fat Kid Rules The World – Going, K. L.
Fools Crow – Welch, James
From The Notebooks Of Melanin Sun – Woodson, Jacqueline
Gates of Fire – Pressfield, Steven
Geography Club – Hartinger, Brent
Girl Goddess #9 – Block, Francesca Lia
Go Ask Alice – Anonymous
Going After Cacciato – O’Brien, Tim
Growing Up Chicana/o – Lopez, Tiffany Ana
Happy Endings Are All Alike – Scoppettone, Sandra
Heroes – Cormier, Robert
Holly’s Secret – Garden, Nancy
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents – Alvarez, Julia
I am the Cheese – Cormier, Robert
I Been in Sorrow’s Kitchen and licked out all the Pots – Straight, Susan
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Angelou, Maya
I Was a Teenage Fairy – Block, Francesca Lia
If it doesn’t kill you – Bechard, Margaret
In Cold Blood – Capote, Truman
It’s Perfectly Normal – Harris, Robie
Kaffir Boy – Mathabane, Mark
Keesha’s House – Frost, Helen
Kindred – Butler, Octavia B.
King & King – Haan, Linda de and Nijland, Stern
Kissing Tennessee – Appelt, Kathi
Less Than Zero – Ellis, Bret Easton
Like Water for Chocolate – Esquivel, Laura
Living by the Word – Walker, Alice
Looking for Alaska – Green, John
Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth – Cart, Michael
Love in the Time of Cholera – Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Lucky – Sebold, Alice
My Father’s Scar – Cart, Michael
My Heartbeat – Garret Freymann-Weyr
My Losing Season – Conroy, Pat
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Kesey, Ken
One Hot Second: Stories About Desire – Young, Cathy [editor]
One Hundred Years of Solitude – Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Outrageously Alice – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Patiently Alice – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Paula – Allende, Isabel
Peter – Walker, Kate
Push – Sapphire
Ragtime – Doctorow, E.L.
Rainbow Boys – Sanchez, Alex
Rape Fantasies from The Norton Anthology – Atwood, Margaret
Rats Saw God – Thomas, Rob
River God – Smith, Wilbur
Running Loose – Crutcher, Chris
Sari Says, The REAL DIRT on Everything from Sex to School
Shattering Glass – Giles, Gail
Shogun – Clavell, James
Silver Pigs – Lindsey, Davis
Simply Alice – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Slaughterhouse Five – Vonnegut, Kurt
Slave Day – Thomas, Rob
Smack – Burgess, Melvin
Snow falling on cedars – Guterson, David
Song of Solomon – Morrison, Toni
Sophie’s World – Gaarder, Jostein
Speak – Anderson, Laurie Halse
Stones from the River – Hegi, Ursula
Stotan – Crutcher, Chris
Stuck Rubber Baby – Cruse, Howard
Tenderness – Cormier, Robert
The Antagonists – Gann, Ernest K.
The Awakening – Chopin, Kate
The Bean Trees – Kingsolver, Barbara
The Bluest Eye – Morrison, Toni
The Book Of Phoebe – Tirone, Mary-Ann
The Catcher in the Rye – Salinger, J.D.
The Chocolate War – Cormier, Robert
The Clan of the Cave Bear – Auel, Jean M.
The Color Purple – Walker, Alice
The Confessions of Nat Turner – Styron, William
The Country Ahead of Us, the Country Behind – Guterson, David
The Dear One – Woodson, Jacqueline
The Family Book – Parr, Todd
The First Man of Rome – McCullough, Colleen
The Giver – Lowry, Lois
The Grooming of Alice – Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Handmaid’s Tale – Atwood, Margaret
The Hot Zone – Preston, Richard
The House of Spirits – Allende, Isabel
The House on Mango Street – Cisneros, Sandra
The Joy Luck Club – Tan, Amy
The King Must Die – Renault, Mary
The Lords of Discipline – Conroy, Pat
The Moves Make the Man – Brooks, Bruce
The Name of the Rose – Eco, Umberto
The Natural – Malamud, Bernard
The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Chbosky, Stephen
The Pillars of the Earth – Follet, Ken
The Power of One – Courtenay, Bryce
The Prince of Tides – Conroy, Pat
The Rainbow Kite – Fanta Shyer, Marlene
The Rose and the Beast; Fairy Tales Retold – Block, Francesca, Lia
The sailor who fell from grace with the sea – Mishima, Yukio
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole – Townsend, Sue
The Sissy Duckling – Fierstein, Harvey
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Brashares, Ann
The Source – Michener, James
The things they carried – O’Brien, Tim
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t – Blume, Judy
Things Fall Apart – Achebe, Chinua
This Boy’s Life – Wolff, Tobias
Thousand Pieces of Gold – McCunn, Ruthanne Lum
A Time for Dancing – Hurwin, Davida Wills
True to the Game – Woods, Teri
Twelve Days in August – Ketchum Murrow, Liza
Uncle Vampire – Grant, Cynthia D.
Violet & Claire – Block, Francesca Lia
Weetzie Bat – Block, Francesca Lia
Whale Talk – Crutcher, Chris
What I Know Now – Larson, Roger
When I was Puerto Rican – Santiago, Esmeralda
Where the Kissing Never Stops – Koertge, Ron
Whistle Me Home – Wersba, Barbara
Who’s in a Family? – Skutch, Robert
Wide Sargasso Sea – Rhys, Jean
Witch Baby – Block, Francesca Lia
Woman Warrior – Kingston, Maxine
Zack’s Story – Greenberg, Keith Elliot

So next time you read Sandra Cisnero’s “House on Mango Street” in sophomore English class, you remember these crazies are trying to stunt your education.

You’re welcome.


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