Masochist. Mostly.

January 4, 2011

Unpacked a lot last night. Felt like I got a lot accomplished. Then fell asleep and got woken up by the loftmates yelling about something. Not entirely sure, I just remember hearing “I DIDN’T DO IT.” They’re the fucking awesomest, so I just went back to sleep. One of them ate my frozen snickers though so someone is going to get their ass kicked.

Had this really weird moment with them yesterday… we were all hanging out in Uncle Dave’s room (thats how he referred to himself and even though he’s super hot and I don’t want to think of him as my uncle I suppose thats the safest route…) and everyone started talking about really awesome stuff. Like shit I couldn’t even comment on because it was way beyond my understanding. And it wasn’t in a pretentious sort of way, I just figured out that I’m a fucking spring chicken. I’m like 12 years old next to any of them, and I kind of dig it. They make me want to read more… be a little better versed in the things i’m actually interested in. Me contributing shit about scifi television shows ain’t gonna make me any cooler.

Then it occurred to me that i got picked to live there because maybe i was different. maybe its because i am a little baby and they wanted someone around that wasnt into the exact same things as everyone else. seems like a smart move, but i think i have to be a little more outgoing in engaging everyone. stick to my lameass new years resolution and connect with the people ive got instead of trying to meet so many new people. ive got so many i already know in the city, i just gotta get it together.

ugh why is everyone so annoying today? i wanna punch the world in the throat.


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