The Most Current “Worst Moment of My Life”

January 17, 2011

I hope SOMEONE SOMEWHERE learns a lesson because of what I’m about to write. I totally brought it upon myself… and it wasn’t until after I closed the door and went back into my room did I realize how lucky I had just been.
I really hope I can learn something from this.

A guy I met who lived in the building swung by my room to say hi and got really grabby. REALLY grabby from the second he walked in, and it was not invited. It’s to where I don’t even let it slide once, not even the first time he does it. I’m saying “NO. Stop. Seriously.” and “Please leave.”
I’m just, embarrassed. It’s seriously on me. Well, a significant amount on him as well, but I take full responsibility for something I messed up on. Yes, okay thats fair. We both made a mistake tonight, but I don’t think he would have made his if I hadn’t made mine.

Now that I’ve sufficiently spooked myself into a flurry, I think I will watch some more netflix and put myself to bed, like any other traditional lazy Sunday. Ugh.


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